Straus Family Creamery Organic Philosopy

Straus Family Creamery has been focused on sustainable business practices since its early beginnings in 1994. With a family history dating back to 1941, the family has always been a strong advocate of farmland preservation. Family farms are the backbone of the food supply, and organic farming is the most productive and least damaging of all techniques.

Sustainable Agriculture: Curing America’s Eating Disorder

The alternative to the longstanding American food policy of “cheap and lots” is to eat locally, eat seasonally and eat organic. Filmmaker Bonnie Bucqueroux and her dog Schmoopsie look at the sustainable agriculture movement, including a visit to Michigan State University’s Student Organic Farm, where Dr. John Biernbaum discusses the options people have to grow their own food or to buy from local growers.

Natural farming information about soil biology

Natural farming information about soil and the importance of microbes in the soil biology and the need of natural, organic, sustainable farming methods without chemical fertilizers. This video clip features Dr Elaine Ingham, PhD of Soil Food Web.You need to have flashplayer enabled to watch this Google video