Healthy, low-cal home-made protein shake for $0.60

Tired of paying $6 for a protein shake at the gym? Do protein shakes made from a packet of chemicals concern you? Try this great recipe for a 100% natural, delicious, nonfat, shake that can be used when you are short on time but want something nutritious!

1 cup nonfat milk/water/OJ/or soy milk
1 scoop (20g) isolated whey protein
1 frozen banana

First put in milk and protein powder
Add broken up frozen banana
Immediately start blending

Continue to blend at max speed for about 60 seconds until nice and creamy.

Genetically Modified Organisms – Unnatural Selection

This stunning European documentary made available for the first time in the US, reveals several harsh consequences of genetic engineering worldwide.  A failed GM cotton crop prompts farmer suicides in India. Windborne GM canola contaminates organic and conventional farms in Canada. One farmer fights Monsanto in the Supreme Court.  A company seeks approval for giant GM salmon that may threaten the survival of the natural species.  GM pigs are born with ghastly mutations.
And experts reveal how inadequate testing and regulations put us at risk.  It features Vandana Shiva, Andrew Kimbrell, Percy Schmeiser and others.

Phillip Day, Be Wise Be Well, your testimonies in your words

An eye-opening and informative half-hour with brave people who have overcome various illnesses using natural methods. Includes footage from my Attitude tour in Australia and some commentary. This short film is ideal to pass around your e-mail list to inspire others to take their health seriously and make positive changes.You need to have flashplayer enabled to watch this Google video

The Real Risks in Natural Healthcare: Bad Science and Bad Law.

Here is a new presentation detailing EC Legislation and key Directives affecting the European Union along with Codex Alimentarius and itsworld wide impact on the natural health industries. The presentation provides an easy to understand explanation of the juggernaut of legislation and the international campaign to “harmonize” and lower therapeutic levels of vitamins and herbs along with their international impact on the natural health industry. This presentation reveals the truth behind the PR “Spin” and lets you know what is being done about it and what you can do to help. Produced by the Alliance for Natural Health and the World Institute of Natural Health Sciences, this program is narrated by well known actress and natural health activist, Mary Healey.You need to have flashplayer enabled to watch this Google video