Midwestern Bio-Ag Bio-News Vol 12 Issue 1

Great newsletter from Gary Zimmer. Hope you get a lot out of it also. Topics are below.

Lynch family farms
Gary Zimmer ‘s Winter 2007 letter
Fertilizer ??
Cull Rate Costs
Field Day in Pix
Feeding Pigs
Lead or Push?
Study Results
Healthy Soils
’07 Meetings
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Midwestern Bio-Ag Bio-News Vol 12 Issue 1


This is Gary Zimmer’s part of the two up tour he did with Graeme Sait a few year back. There is some really good practical information for sustainable farming contained in this manual. We all hope Gary can do another tour of Australia someday.

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What is the True Cost of Food?

This short animation movie is made to alert people about some of the problems of producing and eating food using synthetic chemicals, genetically modified organisms(GMO), the cruelty and triple bottom line costs of producing meat. It shows what happens when we allow big corporation interests to control the food chain and therefore our health. Producing and buying local organic food from ethical suppliers can greatly improve these problems.
Some Helpful Solutions Below:

  • Try to eat more fruit and vegetables,and less meat. When you purchase meat try to look for hormone free, grass fed, antibiotic and organic alternatives.
  •  Purchase organic produce whenever possible.
  • Purchase from local and independent sources whenever possible. Farmer markets are ideal.

Send this video to your friends and family so they can understand the benefits of local organic produce. You need to have flashplayer enabled to watch this Google video

Rachel Carson – Silent Spring

After being introduced to the concepts and book of Rachel Carson at university it showed me that you need to look at the cause of the problem and not just the symptoms.   Silent Spring is a must read for anyone in agriculture or concerned about the effect of chemical on the environment.   You can find it in my book shop.


Knowone knows what is causing this problem in Europe and USA. Some of the possible causes are GMO crops, climate change, virus, mobile phone towers and many more. Albert Einstein once said if bees were to disappear mankind could only survive 4 years on earth. This is because 1/3 of the food we consume is reliant on bees. Until we are clear on the root cause/s of this problem the best solution is to support organic farmers and plant bee friendly flowers and trees.