Is Our Banking System Corrupt?

Many of use are ignorant on where and how money is created.  This documentary looks into this matter in an easy to understand way.  Who would have thought banks can create money out of thin air, no wonder they make a profit every year. Debt enslaves people and hopefully we can break the cycle. If this was shown in schools I am sure there would be less debt in society.  I have contacted the big 4 banks in Australia(ANZ, Westpac, NAB, Commonwealth Bank) to see what they have to say? Update: Not one of the banks responded.  I guess they don’t want to talk about this topic.

The Story of Stuff

Where do all the things we purchase originate from and why are they so cheap?  The Story of Stuff explains the process from mining of the raw materials to use and disposal.  In this process the people/environment in each step are often forgotten and are not normally factored into the true cost.  These hidden costs are not normally accounted for until many years down the track when we have health/social or environmental problems.

This 20 minute video looks at the other side of production and product consumption.  We need to get together and look at ways of solving this problem and hopefuly after viewing this video it will change the way you view stuff forever.

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How to Copy a DVD for Free

This guide will show you how to backup a DVD for free.  This is useful if you have a DVD that isn’t playing correctly because of scratches.   First off you need to download DVDFab Decrypter .  Download the beta version of the basic version(not pro or gold).  Install and run DVD Fab Decrypter.  DVDFab will read the DVD you want to copy and determine the errors to be fixed.  In the top right you will see a icon like this new-1.jpg .  Click this icon 2nd from the top and press ok.  Then press start at the bottom.  After about 20mins it will finish.  Your DVD will be saved at \My Documents\DVDFab\ISO .

To burn this file to a blank DVD you will need Nero or a free alternative called Imgburn .  You will need to purchase a dual layer blank DVD(DVD-9) and your DVD burner needs to handle burning duel layers.  Update your DVD firmware at RPC1 if you are having problems.

New Zealand Police labelled ‘Thick Blue Line’

A report into New Zealand’s police force says more recruits are failing exams and there’s been a sharp increase in the numbers that need extra coaching to make the grade. Deputy Commissioner Rob Pope denies that the decision to relax entry standards a few years back is now resulting in police that aren’t quite as sharp as they used to be.