Beka Vashakidze Runs Exit Scam

Be careful with any business dealings with Beka Vashakidze (Sarartvelo, K. Tbilisis, Gldani-nadzaladevis Raionshi, Gldani, IV M/r., Kor. 111, B. 15, Georgia he has run business exit scams in the past.

Beka Vashakidze ran the Ambit Mining project.

I asked Beka via letter and email to answer the below but no response. 

I think a reasonable person would see it as an exit scam that you have organised? I believe the funds never reached the minimum funding for the project to go ahead so should have been returned to investors as per the ICO contract. I also believe the extra funding to reach the minimum wasn’t acquired at all. Please send proof that minimum funding was acquired and if so where are these funds? After funding there was no update on the allocation of the funds to investors so a reasonable person can only assume fraud? Where are the funds allocated? No update was ever emailed or published.

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