Food Supply Problems

Can biological / sustainable / organic farming increase real production to keep up with the growing world population.  Over the next 20 years we will need twice as much food as we do now. We need honest real solutions to meet this challenge.

Water Doco Now on DVD

Great doco on bottled water. The only issue is that they are strongly against privatisation. The problem with public water is that it is abused and wasted. If you own something you will naturally not waste or exploit it. Just look at public housing/public transport/public health/ etc. It is a limited resource and no government will protect it for the people long term as there are so many special interests who weasel their way in no matter what politicians say. Be sustainable and don’t rely on the government to protect water only individuals can protect this resource.

Postage Address Labels

If you send a bit of postage a Dymo printer is ideal as you can quickly print one address label or multiple. My hand writing is shocking also 🙂 It is a thermal printer so it uses no ink and the printer only costs about $150.  If you head over to you can get the compatible labels at a great price compared to the original label price.  These labels even work on the new Dymo printers. Chris at AUSXMODS has great service also and you won’t be disappointed.