Lizzy Mates Rates Number

Use 114650 to get $1 off your monthly dial-up bill. I evaluated all the dialup companies in Australia and I found most were just too expensive and the rest had ridiculous plans like 50mb for $17 which means you will surly pay for excess downloads. Lizzy dialup is backed by AOL which is a well known brand and the unlimited plan is only $8.90 per month. If you use the above code it will only be $7.90 per month. There are no contacts or credit card required and you can get the login details within 15 minutes without signing or filling in anything. If you are interested go to to find out more.

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  1. Thanks for this help. Its a good tip. I used AOL for a long time. Have been using a few others lately but not so satisfied. How’s Optus?

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