189 thoughts on “Screen Cleaner Screen Saver”

  1. Genten eu não consigo fazer o download…como eu faço?
    Está dando erro do tipo:
    Not Found
    The requested URL /wp-content/uploads/2008/01/nuganics-screen-clean-screensaver-2.exe/ was not found on this server. O URL solicitado / wp-content/uploads/2008/01/nuganics-screen-clean-screensaver-2.exe / não foi encontrado neste servidor.

    Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. Além disso, um 403 Proibido erro foi encontrado ao tentar usar um ErrorDocument para lidar com o pedido.

    Se alguem puder me ajudar!!! Agradeço

  2. This is awesome 😀 Congratulation. Cheers Sarah for the idea, indeed.

  3. This is cute for all of 5 seconds until it loops to play the same thing again and again.

  4. This is great. Sound and everything……Micro Vista with Trendware no problems!

  5. very nice little app well done runs perfectly on my vista sp1 sys the gf is gonna love this. Lookin forward to more updates maybe wit diff animals or jessica alba lickin the screen!! lol

  6. por favor alguien q me ayudeeeeeee
    no puedo descargar el salvapantalla del perro q lame la pantalla
    por favor alguien q me diga como lo hago
    al intentarlo me aparese q no se a encontrado URL

  7. would love to see other breeds – especially St. Bernard!

  8. Interesting .sound is also OK. But the screen is still dirty!

  9. Eu adorei esse cachorrinho o meu filho agora fica sentadinho
    brincando com ele na tela muito obrigado a vcs bjs

  10. My favorite dog is the Saint Bernard and I would love to have a st. bernard cleaning screensaver!

  11. é linnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnndo eu abaixei é claro ……..

  12. i have a pug of my own. he started licking the screen when he saw the pug licking the screen.lol I LOVE PUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU ROCK!!! anyways, thanks

  13. so etwas haben wir noch nicht gesehen – ist das ein lustiges Kerlchen – bringt uns immer wieder zum Lachen!

  14. Hi, how about a widescreen HD resolution version 🙂

    And without the text on top.

  15. i just love this screensavers there so cooll i love them*******************

  16. if considering other dogs,please make a chihuahua!!!!!(;

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