189 thoughts on “Screen Cleaner Screen Saver”

  1. Is version 1 without the logo still available? Thanks, love the screensaver!

  2. i love it that is greatthanks so much for something so great

  3. esta excelente la presentacion del salvapantalla….pero no puedo bajarlo…alguien puede ayudar a este simple mortal a bajar al perrito para su windows xp sps2

  4. bueno esta en algo pero no tiene asi parecidos de otras mascotas

  5. I have downloaded both the Pug and Kitten liking screen saver and neither one is working. Don’t know what I am doing wrong. Any suggestions?


    da gusto saber que hay gente que piense como tú….

  7. hey

    its really cute and all but it wont open up on my computer!! how come?

  8. This screensaver is so much fun and very attention grabbing. Thanks for sharing this for free! 🙂

  9. Eu achei esse protetor de tela muito fofo estou tentando descobrir onde se baixa um igual só que com outras raças,não só o pug~

  10. I’m trying to load this on my Windows Vista system and I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing. Vista is new to me, but I tried downloading ‘saving’ and running the app… then I tried to just ‘run’ the app and it seemed to work. I allowed the system to make it the default ‘screen saver’, but it doesn’t show up in the screensaver list. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

  11. hey guys can you help me out??

    i cant install this one it syas that this program is not a valid win32 application..

    help me guys!!

    i really like this one!!

    good job!

  12. i can’t under stand why it owuld ask to download macromedia player 10, when i downloaded it a million times could you help me out

  13. Adorei este cão….ele é muito HERMOSO!!!!!!

    VERY GOOD!!!

  14. re lindo el protector …desde la primera vez que lo vi me enamore del perrito. Los felicito…¿ podrian poner unos con gatitos?

  15. Same issue that tanner has…….
    vista SP1 and it just displays blank white screen.

  16. I can’t see the screen saver it is fully of Green and blue colour Can you help me what is the problem in it..Dog cannot be seen properly…

  17. Very Cute, But how can you put the screensaver in a wide screen so it looks like the dog is licking all the screen. Thanks!

  18. i love this my sixth grade L.A techer told my how to do this so i had to put this on my computer

  19. Hi…This is fantastic… really. Pl do some more on this. I need around 4-5 pug is coming together and stats clealing. Not in full screen just above the taskbar. Height will be max 1 inch.

  20. The screen saver is runnig but I can only see a green screen and all the image have a poor quality. Any help?

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