How to Make Seedling Pots from Newspaper

The lovely Willi Galloway from eHow shows us how to create newspaper seedling pots from old newspapers. Try to only use black and white newspaper as they don’t have the chemicals which are found in coloured newspaper. Always use a good quality compost (preferable organically certified) when potting up your seeds or seedlings for the best results.

5 thoughts on “How to Make Seedling Pots from Newspaper”

  1. I have heard you can buy a a newspaper pot maker so you don’t have to make your own can you tell me wher I might be able to find one.

  2. You can get a news paper pot maker at I have used it for years and it has been agreat investment.

  3. An even easier way is to just use empty toilet rolls – fill them with compost/potting mix, put several in an old container (such as an old cake tin), drop the seeds in and water. When the seeds sprout, place the toilet roll with the growing plant out into the garden where you want it to grow. The toilet roll will eventually disintegrate and because it has no base, there’s no issue with the roots become root bound.

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