Jamie Oliver’s Garden

This is a quick tour of Jamie Oliver’s garden. Get to see the different varieties of carrots he is growing. Talks about marigolds and how they can be used in salads. He didn’t say much about for he created his garden but said he went to the effort to import soil and manure. Quote from Jamie Oliver – Cut your produce, wash it and eat it within an hour, that is the holy grail of getting the good stuff in your kids.

One thought on “Jamie Oliver’s Garden”

  1. Dear Jamie,

    I just love your show. You are a genius, original, informal, brilliant, inspiring, creative and talented chef. I watch your shows over and over. I really like the way you use all the regular cooking utensils and old fashion way. I really loved your show on chillies and peppers, and the one on Pizza. Excellent. I am really impressed with your hand held spice grinder, the one you shake it. Wow….but I can’t find it anywhere. Would it be possible for you to let me know where can I get it from? I appreciate it.
    Jamie, keep doing what you do and may be one of these days you can show us your farm or garden. Love to visit there!!!!
    Thank you for your brilliant cooking and making it so original.

    Your biggest fan,

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