Rachel Carson – Silent Spring

After being introduced to the concepts and book of Rachel Carson at university it showed me that you need to look at the cause of the problem and not just the symptoms.   Silent Spring is a must read for anyone in agriculture or concerned about the effect of chemical on the environment.   You can find it in my book shop.


Knowone knows what is causing this problem in Europe and USA. Some of the possible causes are GMO crops, climate change, virus, mobile phone towers and many more. Albert Einstein once said if bees were to disappear mankind could only survive 4 years on earth. This is because 1/3 of the food we consume is reliant on bees. Until we are clear on the root cause/s of this problem the best solution is to support organic farmers and plant bee friendly flowers and trees.

Why do people do evil/bad things?

Philip Zimbardo talking at google.  Philip goes in detail on how the power of the situation/environment can influence someone to  commit evil acts.  Contains Milgram and Stanford prison experiments but also shows how people can be hero’s by standing up for what is right.  If you haven’t seen the New York subway hero video it is a must see.

How to Copy a DVD for Free

This guide will show you how to backup a DVD for free.  This is useful if you have a DVD that isn’t playing correctly because of scratches.   First off you need to download DVDFab Decrypter .  Download the beta version of the basic version(not pro or gold).  Install and run DVD Fab Decrypter.  DVDFab will read the DVD you want to copy and determine the errors to be fixed.  In the top right you will see a icon like this new-1.jpg .  Click this icon 2nd from the top and press ok.  Then press start at the bottom.  After about 20mins it will finish.  Your DVD will be saved at \My Documents\DVDFab\ISO .

To burn this file to a blank DVD you will need Nero or a free alternative called Imgburn .  You will need to purchase a dual layer blank DVD(DVD-9) and your DVD burner needs to handle burning duel layers.  Update your DVD firmware at RPC1 if you are having problems.