Body, Soil & Animal Health with Jerry Brunetti

This video has more of Jerry Brunetti speaking. Jerry talks about the big picture from the soil to animal and human health. It is good to hear cover cropping to getting some coverage. 1% increase in soil carbon per acre takes out 7-10 tonnes of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

A 30 min promo video, highlighting the Maui Aloha Aina Association’s 6th annual, 2 day holistic farming conference; “Body, Soil & Animal Health”.

Featured speakers: Jerry Brunetti, World renown nutritional expert and Will Winter, Holistic Vet of 30 years. Topics include: global warming and topsoil loss, recognizing blocked and flowing chi of animals, omega 3’s and a chiropractic demostration on a cat.

One thought on “Body, Soil & Animal Health with Jerry Brunetti”

  1. Hey Jerry
    We met at the body and soil conference on Maui. Wondering what your knowlege is about terra prita. Is there a source to buy this magik dirt or have you worked out how to make soil this powerful?

    Megan and I agreed that you were our favorite presenter at the conference and we can’t wait to do it again!
    Will McThewson
    Megan Wells

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