15 thoughts on “Jerry Brunetti – Food as Medicine”

  1. how do I get a copy of the Jerry Brunetti video? I really, really need one.

  2. what a wonderful awakening !! i want to hear more..God bless Jerry

  3. Does anybody know what type of non-Hodgkins lymphoma Mr. Brunetti had? I am asking because I have a form of
    non-Hodgkins lymphoma that is very difficult to treat and I am researching alternative therapies. The treatments for the various types of non-Hodgkins lymphoma vary based on the type of lymphoma. The type I have is called mantle cell lymphoma.

    Does anyobody know if Mr. Brunetti mentions the exact type of non-Hodgkins lymphoma he had in his DVD?

    Any information is greatly appreciated.

  4. I saw this video in 2006 on Winamp and have been hunting it ever since. He’s a genius.

  5. How is it in this day and age does the Government allows these killers to murder people with chemo, radiation and butcher shop. Ask me who the real killers are the SS officers in Auschwitz or the oncologists these animals that blind, cripple, and torture little children and then ask for donations with TV commercials. What kind of human being would put something like battery acid into a little child day after day year after year. Only a animal would do this We got Nazi hunters and we commemorate the holocaust while the greatest atrocities, a modern day holocaust is being committed in these cancer hospitals all in the name of the mighty dollars. Chemo along with the other treatments do not work they are a scam. 90% of them do not take the chemo or give it to their families As long as people keep going to these killers this will never stop. But the day people stop going to them for treatment will be the day a natural cure derived from nature will appear over night that will completely cure cancer. One of them is oxalic acid found in all fruits and vegetables. 50 years ago the American Cancer society tested it with positive results that they destroyed all test data.